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Garden Center


Vegetable seeds

Looking for vegetable seeds. We carry a large variety of garden seeds. Corn, radish, carrot, bean, pea, squash, lettuce, and much more our garden center has it covered.


Lowe's Garden Center carries bulbs from tulip, daffodils, iris, and more.

Grass seed

Our garden center Scotts grass seed and Rivard's grass seed mix to our own specifications. From Sun to Shade to Drought tolerant we have it covered.


Looking to give your garden or plants a boost, the garden center carries a wide selection of fertilizers that can help. Whether you are looking to promote better root development or fruit setting to overall plant health, fertilizer can play an important role in plant health. 


Got bugs or Weeds! Our garden center stocks the chemicals and have to knowledge to insure you are using the right chemical for the job and to do so safely. From herbicides, pesticides, and fungus control we have it covered.

Garden supplies

Lowe's Garden Center has all a person can want for their gardens. From garden tools, mulch, peat moss, potting soil, and garden art we got it covered.